Conventional Plaintext Language

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COPL is a simple descriptive language markup language.
It generates HTML code out of plain text files.

These plain text files must be composed according to a number of common conventions and/or some COPL-specific text-formatting rules. For example, paragraphs and lists are recognized by convention. On the other hand, headings must be explicitely marked by the author with one (or more) leading and trailing equal sign ('=').

COPL runs under Linux only. It is to be set up as plugin for the webserver so that the COPL-files are translated just-in-time into HTML-code. In future, just-in-time interpreting will be supported by a cache. The cache will help so that unchanged but already interpreted files will not be interpreted twice; instead the cache will send a cached version of the interpreted COPL-file.
However, it is also simply possible to use the COPL-interpreter to generate static HTML-files manually.

Christoph Schwering ·